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Identification & Segregation System, inc.

The Specialists in Identifying Wastes

   A Dynamic Company

With a ‘Green’ Vision for the Future

Top of the line in recognizing all pharmaceutical waste streams, including RCRA hazardous, non-hazardous and DEA controlled substances. 

How did I&SS, inc. begin?

From its inception in 2004, Identification & Segregation System, inc. had a unique vision for the future. It was a business stemming from Infectious Disease Control, inc. founder and President Lyndell Shepherd’s desire to take IDC, inc. one step further for the benefit of his clients. The idea was born almost overnight because he “felt so strongly about it.” With EPA demanding removal of pharmaceutical wastes from waste steams that were contaminating waste water discharge, Shepherd faced the challenge of setting up a business that would not only simplify waste identification, but reduce wastes’ impact on the environment, ensuring a ‘greener’ future for generations to come by placing waste material in its proper place for disposal.

How is I&SS, inc. better than the competition?

There is no competition when it comes to the complete system,” said Shepherd. No one-stop-shop in existence that handles credit returns and their wastes through the same identification and segregation system while linking the manufactures, dispensers, reverse distributors and the disposal site. The data contained in the I&SS, inc. software quickly and easily identifies pharmaceuticals as wastes or returnable items.

What type of service does I&SS, inc. provide for its clients?

Depending upon the amount of service a client needs, I&SS, inc. can provide a variety of options. I&SS, inc. can identify and inform a client of their wastes products, or provide a kiosk that will identify the waste streams automatically. This kiosk can be delivered and is equipped with or without lock boxes attached for proper waste segregation. Waste disposal site options vary from your site preference to ours, and segregation code specifics vary from state to region. Shipping options vary depending upon segregation of waste per each carrier being licensed. Many other products available for a client’s convenience include shipping containers and bags for auto-shipping.    

Will I receive credit on my waste material?

Credit returns are easily made with I&SS, inc.’s EZ Returns system, by cross-referencing the manufacturer return policy and requirements for each specific dispensers’ method of return. Clients can also receive credits through automated systems linking a manufacturer’s return policy with our Accounting Department, thus producing client-specific data.     


What is I&SS, inc.'s service area?

I&SS, inc. proudly services all 50 states and territories.

Does I&SS, inc. hold the proper certifications to handle my wastes?

Identification & Segregation System, inc., partnered with Infectious Disease Control, inc., who is licensed by the Federal DEA, the Kentucky DEA Cabinet for Health and Family Services (Controlled Substances), the Kentucky EPA, the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy Wholesalers/Manufacturers, Republic Waste (Liquid Special Waste and Solid Special Waste), Municipal Solid Waste Transporter, and Kentucky Solid Waste.

Why should I choose I&SS, inc. for my waste identification?

Holding all of the required licenses and permits, Identification & Segregation System, inc. together with Infectious Disease Control, inc., will go out of their way to assist clients in staying DEA and EPA compliant in the quickest and easiest way possible utilizing their efficient, up-to-date data based identification and segregation system. We are passionate about what we do and take a personal interest in meeting our client’s every need safely, efficiently and discreetly.

Based upon our mission and vision, we will strategically strengthen our commitment to partner with 14 national and international industry leaders to provide a product and service that is discretely handled from the cradle to the grave in an efficient manner.  

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Qualifications & Services


In all areas of I&SS, inc.'s operation, the company's code of professionalism means:

  • Uniformed employees with strict appearance standards.
  • Strict adherence to all government agency regulations and all legal regulations regarding the identification and removal of pharmaceutical waste streams.
  • A commitment to the type of on-site and off-site confidentiality customers expect and deserve.
  • Strict background check, confidentiality agreements and drug screening. 

I&SS, inc. Serves

Hospitals*Physicians*Dentists*Government Agencies*Medical Clinics*Pharmacies*Ambulance Services*Nursing Homes*Funeral Homes*Laboratories*Home Health Care Agencies*Veterinary Clinics*General Industry*Pharmaceutical Industry Suppliers

Committed to Service and Cost Efficient Procedures

The law enforcement community, medical professionals, and many other public and private entities now rely upon I&SS, inc.'s services and make referrals to the company.  They know that I&SS, inc.'s growing reputation for meeting DEA and EPA demands and customer satisfaction can meet the most difficult of challenges.

Licensed and Experienced

Approved by the DEA and EPA, I&SS, inc.'s software and hardware system is the only combination system that can properly identify and segregate their clients waste needs. They cover all 50 states and assist business in remaining in compliance with Federal regulations.  Trained and certified staff researchers provide up-to-date technical expertise and knowledge on a daily basis. Possessing the necessary certifications, licenses and permits means they are seriously dedicated to excellence in all areas of service.

Executive Committee

The Identification & Segregation System, inc. Executive Committee consists of a distinguished group of the industry’s top executives, who are focused on their mission of researching and developing the company’s objectives and major organizational direction. The Executive Committee is comprised of a group of senior-level management professionals working together to ensure that legal regulations are strictly adhered to based upon their strategy of how I&SS, inc. should function and the company’s personal commitment to clients. The combined knowledge of the Executive Committee will guide I&SS, inc. to strategically carry out procedures to the necessary specifications of government agencies based upon the company’s vision and mission.

Board of Advisers

The Identification & Segregation System, inc. Board of Advisors is chaired by a qualified industry specific Director. The board is comprised of ten of the fourteen selected individuals who will supply the necessary technical expertise and industry specific leadership needed to launch I&SS, inc. into the future. It is their mission to establish a firm foothold in the international marketplace. Their visionary efforts will aid them in making vital suggestions based upon years of experience and current research. They are committed to finding and discussing leadership strategies that will place I&SS, inc. years ahead of the marketplace. It is their goal to propose new strategies and policies to the Board of Directors for approval. 

Board of Directors

The Identification & Segregation System, inc. Board of Directors is comprised of twelve of the fourteen industry specific leaders who share a common vision for the future. The goal of this elected group of knowledgeable business professionals is to oversee and direct the activities of the Corporate Executives, while setting the immediate, mid-range, and long term goals of I&SS, inc. Through their vision they will provide the company with the direction needed to create the most aggressive, yet achievable time table, while establishing the identification and segregation system in the marketplace.  They are responsible for strategically uniting industry specific leaders in the areas of manufacturers, dispensers, reverse distributors and disposal companies, while spearheading I&SS, inc.’s visionary goal for the future.


Strategic partnerships are the foundation for Identification & Segregation System, inc.’s success. These alliances are expected to work together to achieve a common mission, relying on individual specific strengths in our global vision to unite corporate, industry and international business leaders. Those who are chosen to hold a partnership status will use their vast knowledge and resources to bring growth not only to I&SS, inc., but to the industry and corporation they represent through networking strategies. By partnering together, we will raise the bar of entry by making continuous improvements in an untapped market, thus providing a more efficient operational system for all involved, from the manufacturer, dispensers, and reverse distributors, to the disposal site. By being first in the marketplace, we will establish an eminent presence others will want to follow.